BAC Book

About the BAC Book

The time has finally come! We are keeping the year-long tradition of creating a BAC Book for everyone who would like one. We have partnered up with a brand that has a ton of experience with yearbooks and has been doing the ones for European Schools for a long time now. But before we get to business, what even is the BAC Book?

The BAC Book is a yearbook that holds a special place for every single student in our grade. Each class also has their very own double-page and is free to design it however its students like. Students are creating each other’s pages (you have already submitted a table telling us whom you are working with) and will be adding funny pictures, quotes, anecdotes, etc. to them, so no important memory ever risks being forgotten.

The BAC Book is hard-cover, meaning it is quite sturdy. Its front and back are wrapped in leather to give it a more premium feel and to keep all of the precious pages safe.
The print is of high quality − it will most likely not end up like your usual black and white biology test (how do they even get them this bad). Additionally, we will make sure to quadruple-check everything before commencing mass-production of the BAC Book.

The price of the BAC Book this year will be €60.99

Orders for the BAC Book are in progress. The cost is €60.99 and the deadline to purchase is the 25th of February. Please don't leave it to the last minute!