BAC Ball

Firstly, please note that only one ticket is available per order. Also bear in mind that it is very important for you to complete the purchase using your school email address and your full name so we can make sure only students in S7 and special invitees attend the event.
Any guest showing up at the venue on the 3rd without registering will be denied entry by the guards or will be asked to pay to enter.

This year’s bac ball will be held at the Africa Palace in Tervuren:
Paleizenlaan 1
3080 Tervuren

The BAC Ball will take place on Wednesday, 3 July 2024. We reserve the right to end the event early should there be a serious incident or a series of complications.
The event will start at 19:00. We request that general ticket holders arrive by 18:30. Those not coming to the dinner should arrive after it ends (21:30-22:00). The event will end at 3:00 (no transport will be provided this year).

The price for a regular all-in-one ticket is €140.
There is also a ticket, only available to +1 attendees (guests, not EEB2 S7 students) and teachers, costing 80€. They will have access to everything regular ticket holders do, except for the dinner

Purchase your ticket

Graduating students can purchase an all-in-one ticket for the event. This ticket grants you access to all the activities mentioned above and is the only option students have. Note that all students who are not in S7 and in EEB2 must attend as guests and purchase a different ticket. Teachers will be given access to a separate ticket.

The resale of tickets to this event is prohibited, and will result in an instant ban of the ticket's order number and ID with no possibility to receive a refund. Anyone with a ticket under somebody else's name will not be allowed to enter. Please note that this event is organized independently from the school, and that the school's management claims no participation in the organization of the event. The BAC Committee does not claim liability for any damages, cases of theft, or injuries that may happen during the event. You must agree to these terms upon purchasing a ticket through our website. Several security guards will be present to ensure your and everyone else's safety throughout the entirety of the event.